Banzai program teaches students financial literacy

It’s common knowledge that everyone should be smart with their money, although many young adults don’t start learning how to manage their personal finances until well after college. Gaining financial knowledge is essential to monetary success and financial literacy program Banzai does just that. Designed for high school and college students, Banzai uses real world […]

With specialized chorus, people with dementia keep singing

They say the music is the last thing to go. So, a collection of Alzheimer’s patients are still singing, thanks to a groundbreaking program called the Giving Voice Chorus, which brings together people from across the metro for music therapy while promoting a better public understanding of the disease. “It took me about a year […]

Fridley Fatherhood Partnership holds its first meeting

How can fathers support their children’s learning? How can they be involved? What issues and topics matter to them? What activities would they like to do with their children? A group of dads of students from Hayes and Stevenson elementary schools gathered Oct. 27 at the Fridley Community Center for the first meeting of the […]

Metro Transit introduces app, mobile payment option

An app introduced recently by Metro Transit provides customers another way to board buses and trains – their smartphone. The app includes a mobile ticketing feature that allows users to purchase fares in advance and to display their fares on their smartphone as proof of payment. A screen with a unique, animated image that can’t […]

Richfield resident makes history in DNR stamp contest

The artwork of a Richfield artist has become a symbol of sorts for the state’s Department of Natural Resources. Wildlife painter Timothy Turenne has won four of five categories for the department’s 2017 stamp contest, a feat he said no one had ever accomplished. The DNR’s winners each year get the honor of having their […]