Police department video dazzles the internet

It was intended to be a simple act of community engagement, but its reach extended far beyond the community. The Bloomington Police Department earned 15 minutes of fame for its rendition of the “running man challenge,” a viral video sensation that combines a 20-year-old hip hop song with an older dance move known as the […]

Students in Rockford start a store from scratch

  There’s a new spot to shop in Rockford and it isn’t on Main Street or in the mall — it’s at Rockford High School (RHS). Built near RHS’s auditorium, the store, Rocketc., has walls mostly made of windows. This gives passersby a glimpse of what Rocketc. has to offer, which is a wide range […]

Christmas tree farm setting ‘golden’ standard for over 50 years

By Gabby Landsverk A sign on a county road in Rice directs passersby to “the” Christmas tree farm: the Golden farm, established in 1958. Customers heeding the sign follow a driveway to a barn in a yard full of wandering chickens, cats and a stout little dog. The business operates out of a small red […]

Have your steak (or bacon) and eat it, too

It’s not often that a consumer would pair the words “healthy” and “bacon,” but one Forest Lake entrepreneur is hoping a new food distribution model will catch on in the area, creating a community of meat lovers who also care about their products’ nutrition facts as well as their taste. Jeff Block works in health […]