Unique houses for birds, creative art for people

Plymouth man puts his own twist on birdhouses Inside Dan Arnold’s bitterly cold shop on the shores of Mooney Lake in Plymouth, sits a bucket of stained glass scraps awaiting his next creation. “That’s a birdhouse,” he said, of the scraps his artist friend gave him. The idea is still in the conception phase, and […]

Students help update Richfield High School cafeteria

Richfield High School took a page out of the junk food marketing playbook when it opened the school year with a spruced-up cafeteria. But don’t worry, school lunch clerks weren’t pushing Snickers and Ho Hos. Their goal, instead, was to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, and they succeeded, according to Pam Haupt, the district’s […]

Fort Ripley mushroom farm continues to grow and bloom

Matt Ratliff and his wife Chrissy are not originally from the Fort Ripley area. In fact, they grew up in St. Cloud with little to no agricultural background. However, that hasn’t kept them from becoming one of the most productive mushroom farms in the state of Minnesota while also developing a business as suppliers of […]

‘Lake Minnetonka Eats’ cook book earns national recognition

By Nicole Brodzik When she first told her parents she was starting work on her cook book, “Lake Minnetonka Eats”, Tiffany Winter’s parents told her it was a waste of her time. Now, though, Bill and Mary Winter are fully supportive of their daughter’s project, especially after it was recently named the 2016 Independent Publisher […]