Metro Transit introduces app, mobile payment option

An app introduced recently by Metro Transit provides customers another way to board buses and trains – their smartphone. The app includes a mobile ticketing feature that allows users to purchase fares in advance and to display their fares on their smartphone as proof of payment. A screen with a unique, animated image that can’t […]

Richfield resident makes history in DNR stamp contest

The artwork of a Richfield artist has become a symbol of sorts for the state’s Department of Natural Resources. Wildlife painter Timothy Turenne has won four of five categories for the department’s 2017 stamp contest, a feat he said no one had ever accomplished. The DNR’s winners each year get the honor of having their […]

Technology bridges the ages at center

Josh Martin sat with Marilyn Nordine at a table at the Elk River Activity Center, answering questions about her cellphone and tablet. Martin was one of a dozen Spectrum High School students serving as tech tutors Nov. 2 during the first of four tutoring sessions planned at the activity center, which is geared for people […]

Massage therapist travels state to ease pain for dogs and horses

When animals are in pain or are stressed, their bodies respond in many ways like a human body does. The body tenses up, may ache and has a hard time to relax, said Katie Kowalzek, who works as an equine and canine massage therapist. “Horses get knots like humans do,” she said. The road to […]

Skip raking this fall

What if someone told you that you could skip raking your leaves this fall? Sam Bauer, an assistant professor for Minnesota Extension, is spreading to word to weary Minnesotans everywhere — raking your leaves is a waste of time, do something else with your energy. It turns out that raking leaves off of your lawn […]