Minnetonka High School opens new independent research labs

This semester, Minnetonka High School welcomed a new independent science research program and laboratory space where students work with mentors on research proposals. Minnetonka Research Director Kim Hoehne said the program is a high level independent research program for students who have already exhausted the advanced placement science curriculum. Last month, students learned how to […]

Upsala man recalls the ‘good ol’ days’ on the farm

When Walter Ressemann of Upsala hitches his team of Norwegian Fjords, he remembers the “good ol’ days.” Growing up on a dairy farm near Cold Spring, Ressemann said the Belgian horses his parents had were used for nearly all the farm work. “We did all of our farming with horses. We cut the hay, stacked […]

Bring your bike onboard

It is now easier than ever for bike enthusiasts to travel by train with their bicycles. Amtrak and Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority hosted an early morning ceremony to announce the expansion of bike service on Sept. 19 at the Union Depot in St. Paul. The enhanced service will allow more people to travel with […]

Cornhole craft is part game, part art

In a residential garage on Third Avenue Southwest in Forest Lake, three men sand, paint and stencil a series of sturdy plywood frames. On the back wall, dozens of hefty bean bags are stacked on a shelf, neatly organized by vibrant hue with the occasional custom spray paint job thrown in. An episode of “Breaking […]