Unique houses for birds, creative art for people

Plymouth man puts his own twist on birdhouses Inside Dan Arnold’s bitterly cold shop on the shores of Mooney Lake in Plymouth, sits a bucket of stained glass scraps awaiting his next creation. “That’s a birdhouse,” he said, of the scraps his artist friend gave him. The idea is still in the conception phase, and […]

Banzai program teaches students financial literacy

It’s common knowledge that everyone should be smart with their money, although many young adults don’t start learning how to manage their personal finances until well after college. Gaining financial knowledge is essential to monetary success and financial literacy program Banzai does just that. Designed for high school and college students, Banzai uses real world […]

Metro Transit introduces app, mobile payment option

An app introduced recently by Metro Transit provides customers another way to board buses and trains – their smartphone. The app includes a mobile ticketing feature that allows users to purchase fares in advance and to display their fares on their smartphone as proof of payment. A screen with a unique, animated image that can’t […]

Eden Prairie resident starts company to transform drug industry

A key component to any startup business is identifying a product or service that isn’t being provided, or improving an existing one. That niche can be found in a variety of ways, and might not even be a product or service that’s personally interesting to the person pursuing the idea. That’s not how things happened […]

Golden Valley native inspired by grandfather, joins U.S. Army

Peter Watkins, of Golden Valley, was 12 years old when he first realized his dream to join the United States military. For his birthday, he flew to Broomfield, Colorado, to spend time with his grandparents.   During the visit, they went to a fallen soldiers monument. Watkins remembers the monument vividly. There was a “huge” […]