The covered bridge of Mille Lacs County

The beautiful covered bridge of Mille Lacs County tends to grab travelers’ attention as they pass by on Highway 95 just before reaching the western county line. The structure bridges a gap over a small body of water and, from the roadside perspective, appears to sit all by itself. Its style whispers of a bygone […]

Blues Hall of Famer

With one career behind him, Vonderharr now concentrating on music With one career behind him, 62-year-old Burnsville resident Steve Vonderharr is leaning into his other career as one of Minnesota’s top bluesmen. A counselor by trade, Vonderharr is grabbing every gig he can after retiring from the Minnesota Department of Human Services in February. He […]

Burnsville resident reveres, photographs and regulates wetlands

As one who loves to photograph orchids and other wetland flowers, Steve Eggers couldn’t find a better place to live and work. “Lots of orchids,” said the 60-year-old Burnsville resident. “The Savage Fen has orchids. Minnesota is rich in orchids.” Eggers is a nature photographer and writer by avocation, but his vocation is protecting the […]

Cornhole craft is part game, part art

In a residential garage on Third Avenue Southwest in Forest Lake, three men sand, paint and stencil a series of sturdy plywood frames. On the back wall, dozens of hefty bean bags are stacked on a shelf, neatly organized by vibrant hue with the occasional custom spray paint job thrown in. An episode of “Breaking […]