Brooklyn Park Police, North Hennepin introduce teens to law, justice careers

A uniformed police officer in a squad car, visible to the community on traffic patrol and responding to incidents, is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg of the law enforcement and criminal justice system and one of so many potential careers within that system. The Brooklyn Park Police Department and North Hennepin Community College […]

Passion for old films and movies becomes Richfield man’s career

By Sue Webber Bob DeFlores grew up in Hollywood, the only child of parents who were performers in movies, radio and nightclubs. He lived next door to Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, and went to school with David and Ricky Nelson. His aunt Iris appeared with Johnny Weissmuller in the Tarzan series, and his aunt Gladys […]

Local farmer harvests nutrition from indoor plot

At her hobby farm in Nowthen, Lisa Fahey raises laying chicks. The hens graze the windswept grasses, clucking under the midday sun. Inside the coop, they furrow and lay and Fahey gathers the eggs. The bucolic scene brings to mind iconic images of raising farm animals, sowing seeds, harvesting the crop and reaping the bounty […]

Finding a bird’s nest

First graders from South Elementary School visited the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge on Friday, April 15 to learn about trees and wildlife. In the photo above, Sue Hix of the Friends of Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge, points out a bird’s nest to Isabella Milvradt, left, Sofia Zarletti, center, and Brooke Elness, right.