Trip planning tools reveal the best places for fall color

It happens at about this time every year. The cause: Chlorophyll production in tree leaves slows down and stops and the leaves lose their green color. The effect: Minnesotans flock outside to behold the magnificent red, gold and orange color transformation. Whether searching for activities weeks in advance or an hour in advance, make use […]

Cornhole craft is part game, part art

In a residential garage on Third Avenue Southwest in Forest Lake, three men sand, paint and stencil a series of sturdy plywood frames. On the back wall, dozens of hefty bean bags are stacked on a shelf, neatly organized by vibrant hue with the occasional custom spray paint job thrown in. An episode of “Breaking […]

Mohair, more money: woman creates goat hair yarn business

For Jackie Horan, the owner of For the Love of Goats, her new business is one part work and another part passion. Horan raises Angora goats at her farm, and sells yarn, fleece and products made from mohair (Angora goat hair). Horan said she decided to get goats after seeing her friend with hers. “I […]

Wayzata Bay Wreck named to National Register of Historic Places

A storm sank the wooden model barge, owned by James J. Hill, in 1879 Submerged about 40 feet below the surface of Lake Minnetonka rests a rare piece of history. A wooden model barge that belonged to James J. Hill, one-time owner of the Great Northern Railroad Co., sits frozen in time. A strong storm […]